Photo Reflection – Climbing a spire in Mexico

Climbing a spire in El Potrero Chico. Nuevo Leon, Hidalgo, Mexico

This has always been one of my favorite routes due to its position, exposure and level of adventure. Here on the second pitch of the west Spire, the top of the climb ends at a small pinnacle just big enough for two people to run the rope through a bolted anchor and rappel the south side of the formation. 

The first pitch, though it may have been changed by now, was a runout affair on rusty ring bolts and pitons. The first pitch ends at a notch between the two spires and then the face and slab climbing begins along the left edge and continues to the top. I’m not sure how many times I’ve done this climb – at least once per trip – so at least six times – and it’s always been fun.

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Seems a theme on here lately has been putting a bunch of older stuff back online. I have so much material from previous versions of this site that it’s high time that it go back online. As I continue to rediscover that old material it will find a place on here. Some of the guides need a bit of updating/editing so please take them with the understanding that they are not perfect. Likewise, the hand drawings were done many years ago (even before digital cameras!) and clearly there are better works out there so I’m not trying to compete – just trying to share what I created so many years ago.