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A beautiful day at Stanage Edge, Peak District, UK

My name is Aaron Gibson and I run Fusion Forty Seven. Fusion Forty Seven (aka Fusion 47 aka F47) was preceded by my first website, “Climbing Life.” That site began sometime in the mid-90s – when the internet was relatively new – and most people didn’t have home personal computers yet. (Remember back then? I’m sure some of you won’t.) From that initial website I expanded it into a much broader concept, what became Fusion 47. The idea spawned from a number, 47 that continuously re-appears in my life – weather it is my “lucky number” or not, still remains to be seen. Nonetheless, it’s a re-occurring number in my life and one that appears often. The “fusion” part of the equation simply comes from the concept of bringing so many different elements of my world together into a single place/site; these things include everything from climbing (okay…mostly climbing), film/video, music, movies, trips, family…and other spontaneous commentary that I feel compelled to share.

Essentially, Fusion 47 was (and still is) a journal, of sorts. A “blog,” we call it now – but this began before the word “blog” was coined. Now blogs are everywhere – but that’s fine. Some sites have come and gone – but this one has been here a while, and I plan for it to remain, in some form or another for a while.

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