More Guides and Stuff

After all this time I honestly can’t remember what I have and haven’t posted sometimes. It’s not until I go back through this website and previous versions of websites that I’ve saved over the years, that I discover if I have or haven’t posted something. In any case, I decided to beef up the Tulsa Climbing information by adding a dedicated Tulsa Climbing page and a page about the Oklahoma Boulderfest (circa 2005).

I also realized, in going back through old files, that I actually started a Tulsa Climbing Guide – but never finished (obviously). I have an Excel spreadsheet with a bunch of entries for boulder problems. Guess there could still be a need for one…I’m not sure if there’s been a comprehensive guide since Chuck Lohn’s guide…which only glossed the surface really.

I’m not saying I’d be the best one to produce such a guide but…is anyone else going to, ever?

Also, added a guide for Robber’s Cave State Park in Oklahoma. It’s not the best guide, but it’s a guide nonetheless. Again, I think the last one I recall for the area was part of the Lohn guide.

If you’re interested in Urban Assault – as some of you have been, please understand that I don’t have any additional printed copies. I have been considering doing a re-print of the book but haven’t spent the time yet to go back through for all the updates that I’d like to include. But stay tuned…I am thinking about doing a UA 2.0 … just not sure at this point. Thanks for your interest and support.

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