Tulsa Climbing Guide – Tulsa Rocks

Was super excited to have unearthed a copy of Bo Mosley’s original Tulsa Rocks 1990. I have to say, this guide, while rudimentary by today’s standards, was highly sought after and valued for those of us wishing to explore the maze of limestone corridors of Chandler Park. Even still, following this guide and finding the actual route (i.e. what holds are “on” and what holds are “off”) without the help of a local could prove quite frustrating. I never had an actual book copy of this guide – and come to think of it, maybe there never was a book form of this guide…? I always had a Xerox copy that was stapled together, tattered and falling apart. This guide, along with a custom-made duct-tape couch cushion with integrated carpet square, climbing shoes, and chalk bag, is really all you needed to spend the day crimping and smedging your way around Chandler’s stout classics. Note that the guide uses the YDS scale, this was pre-V-scale so don’t be surprised if you’re being shut down on what was then called “5.10.”

For the Oklahoma Boulderfest I created a scorecard that included a guide to Chandler Park proper. That guide became a popular download long after the event because it contained more up-to-date information than previous guides. It’s still a helpful guide if you’d like to download it – go here.

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