The Waterstreak

A spin-off for my writings and other sharings (or just another substack).

Just in time and just what you’re looking for; The Waterstreak is a side-hustle, spin-off project, (super group? no, that doesn’t work), curated collection of stories, essays, musings, postings, and dare I say…more? Probably not. But still. (Those last two are not actual sentences.) But it’s this kind of <quote> genius <unquote> that you’ll be lucky to receive both in your inbox, should you so desire, to subscribe (for free, of course), because who in their right mind would pay for this shit. But seriously (not seriously). If you’re interested in heading over there, to The Waterstreak, that is, I’d be happy to have you. At this point (and I’m not confident anyone will actually read this far), you’re probably wondering, why is he putting so much effort into this post? Wonder no more. Just go.

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