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Shooting Star Storyboard

A few years ago (2012), he would have been 5, my son, Summit was asking about movie-making, how movies are dreamed up, how they are created, how they come to be. I thought I’d take him through the process and explain the beginning stages and work through the concepts with him. I explained that movies are first originated in someone’s mind before then being written down on paper. He wasn’t all that interested in the writing part of it but then we started talking about storyboarding and how movies were sketched out scene-by-scene. 

Summit had an idea in mind so what we did was I had him tell me what his idea was and then I’d help sketch it out on paper. Of course my drawings were quickly sketched and overall pretty crappy as I’ve never really been a *realistic* drawer. 

What resulted was a rudimentary short film by a five-year-old. Interestingly, as we drew it out on paper I could see that it was a journey and followed a basic story-arc of conflict, leaving, going through a series of events and finding resolutions while finally returning home. Overall, I think it’s a happy story – and definitely enhanced by the child-like drawings.


 Shooting Star Storyboard

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