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  • Working on a new Super 8 film

    Working on a new Super 8 film

    Go check out my other site to follow the progress. Related Images:

  • Storyboard Story

    Storyboard Story

    A few years ago (2012), he would have been 5, my son, Summit was asking about movie-making, how movies are dreamed up, how they are created, how they come to be. I thought I’d take him through the process and explain the beginning stages and work through the concepts with him. I explained that movies…

  • Filmmaking – Super 8 – Etc.

    Filmmaking has been a passion of mine equal-to-or-greater-than climbing. I prefer to shoot Super 8 film over digital for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is a “home” connection I feel to the medium. Harkens back to childhood and those things I remember about the film camera my Dad had. The projection…