Climb Up – A Short Documentary

Jay Sheldon put together a short documentary about our journey from home walls to a climbing gym business. While the video focuses on myself it’s important to say that this arc has been combined with my wife Lisa, my family, and the support of friends over the years. Of course, this is just a hint of the entire story that covers decades in a matter of minutes.

It’s not possible to singularly accept credit for a process or a journey as there have been so many people that have contributed to what exists today. I would like to thank Jay Sheldon for beginning this project and continuing to stick with it for a year. Over the course of that year the project changed immensely and he voluntarily stuck with it in spite of us nearly pulling out. Sometimes these things hit too close to home. It’s difficult to watch your story on screen and even more difficult to have someone else interpret it. The project began around September 2015 and evolved as events unfolded. Jay’s original vision was great and well executed but went into a lot of detail – more than we felt comfortable with. Collectively, we decided to shelf it for a while and Jay later picked it up again when we all decided it felt right.  It’s a testament to Jay’s character that he wanted to see the project completed.

I can honestly say that these past few years have been the most challenging and most enduring that I can recall. There have been harder times, emotionally, but not by much. We’ve never really taken the easy road and there have been sacrifices for the big decisions but Lisa and I have always stuck together in our decision-making. The role of family and close friends has proven invaluable and the community around Climb Up has been as supportive as ever. We never know what the future holds but we’ll do our best to keep the big picture in mind and keep moving forward. We appreciate all the support around the gyms and all those who participated in this video project. Thank you and climb on!




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