Hello fellow climbers. This is a not-so-formal announcement that Lisa and I along with our partners, Andrew and Nicole Hunzicker of Touchstone Youth Project are buying OKC ROCKS Climbing Gym in Oklahoma City. The official closing/change-over date is Nov 4 and our first open date will be the next day, Monday, Nov 5. The new name of the gym is ROCKTOWN.

Plans for this have been in the work since March but we’ve been keeping it a secret as things progressed.

We are having a GRAND OPENING DAY/PARTY on Saturday, Nov 10 and EVERYONE is invited. We have some special things lined up for the day.

There are going to be some major renovations and improvements to the gym over the next several months. We are just getting started and already the change is evident – but just wait and see what the future brings! I think everyone will be very impressed.

The structure and mission of Rocktown will be heavily influenced about our non-profit side, Touchstone, where we will continue the worthwhile venture of working with under-privledged youth through rock climbing and mentoring. I think the program is going to add value to the gym and the community atmosphere.

Currently, I am working full-time on getting everything ready for opening day. It’s a lot of work and is stressful at times but it is very exciting.

I hope you all will come and check out the NEW gym when we open. A website is forthcoming and will be online at http://rocktowngym.com when the time comes.

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