The Unnormal: Part 1 of x. Staying Home

The difference between right now – March 24 – and the beginning of the month is staggering and evidenced by comparing the world map then and now. If we further consider that in Asia, by 3/3/2020 there were already over 80,000 cases before the pandemic truly took hold of the rest of the world it brings into focus the magnitude of the problem.

I realized today that it had already been 12 days since I last went anywhere.

And we are only getting started.

Today Oklahoma issued a 21 day stay-at-home order for identified affected counties.

I have been lucky enough (for now) to be able to work from home but there is always the possibility that something could change and work would stop.

Since I am going to be stuck here at home I thought I would take the opportunity to add to the site. Maybe add some stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day – or that has been a while since it was last out there. Expect some reminiscing.

I guess content is king these days. Since we are all staying at home we are looking for things to keep us busy; some meaningless, some meaningful.

I may be a little all-over-the-place with postings, so you’ll have to forgive me for that. There is the possibility of posting anything from music or film discussions to something about rock climbing or buildering, or even epidemiological trends and public health policy.

I think we are all feeling a little scattered right now. Lots of questions. Lots of uncertainty. Not enough answers, and nothing is really making a lot of sense. It’s all a little unreal. Unnormal.

This is staying at home.

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