The Unnormal: Part 3 of x. People look better in masks

The longer this pandemic goes on the more companies I see getting into the designer-mask game. There are some really creative ones out there. Not only do I not mind wearing a mask, I think it is a moral imperative that we wear them for ourselves, but moreover, for others. I read a comment to a news story recently, that struck me: “Not killing people is my goal.”

I guess that connected with me because shouldn’t the minimum standard be “not killing people?” Some people are pretty wrapped up in what their “rights” are but shouldn’t we be able to agree on this simple concept. You want to live, I want to live, let’s both live. Stay away from me, I’ll stay away from you, and if we can’t do that, we’ll both wear masks.

Some people think they look stupid in a mask. As in, “I’m not going to wear a stupid mask.” Wrong. Most people look better in a mask. Especially people who *think* they look stupid in a mask. If you think you don’t need a mask and no one can tell you what to do – guess what – you definitely need a mask.

Think of a mask as sunglasses for your mouth and nose. You like sunglasses don’t you? You’ll wear those, right? A mask is just like shades for the lower half of your face.

Look, I know, it can be a pain to wear one. Especially when it’s hot. But if the trade-off is possibly getting someone else sick or possibly dead because a mask is uncomfortable, well, I’ll take what precautions need to be taken. It’s a pretty simple decision.

What’s great is to see other people in masks. I notice people in masks. I appreciate they made the easy decision to wear one. And it shows me, we have a similar respect for other humans and a common goal: we don’t want to kill people.

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