The Gym

The gym has gotten off to a great start. We’ve been open since Nov ’07 – just 3 months – but things have already taken off. Seems like I work twice as much and twice as hard as I did at my previous career but this is way more fun.

I am reminded of a session I had with my Adviser my junior year at OU. I was on a pre-med track until that time and one day just before meeting with him had realized a crucial detail in being a physician: you work in a hospital. I hate hospitals. Can’t stand them. Why the hell would I want to subject myself to such a thing? I didn’t really want to be a doctor! And I told him as much. So he asked what I did want to do. I must have made some off hand comment about a job in rock climbing (as I tend to make those). Who knows, maybe I was half-serious. But he went off on me. He start talking about how he liked sailing a lot but that didn’t mean he could make a career out of it. (Why not?)

His comments always stuck with me. Not that I knew that I would someday own and operate a climbing gym and climbing would be my full-time job and lifestyle but now that I think about it maybe it was in the back of my mind.

I think that those things that come naturally to us and that we would do regardless of if we made money or not are the ones that we can have the biggest impact in and the ones that make us the happiest.

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