Saturday, May 19 – Free Drive In Movie

Saturday will be the third showing of the Renegade Picture Show – things are moving along well. I hope to have a bigger turn-out for this movie – but you never can tell. In fact, I know that if I went all-balls on the advertising and promotion there could be a huge crowd but I’m a little nervous about doing that. Not sure if it’s the sheer volume of people that frightens me or the type of people that might show up. Maybe I will be less nervous as time goes on and gain more confidence in my skills of putting together programs and producing the show.

We’re showing The Graduate. Why? I don’t know why – it came to me in a dream. Not really. But you know how sometimes a particular scene or line just pops into your head and you think, “hey, I should see that movie again.” That’s kind of what happened. I guess.

I’ve only seen The Graduate a couple of times but I remember that dry, smileless, shy, scared guy that Dustin Hoffman plays so well. And the uncomfortable situations he’s put in. More than anything the story is about a young guy being put through the ringer. It’s a great coming-of-age film – of course it’s a little twisted but that makes it all the better.

I’m attaching a printable version of the flyer if anyone wants to print some copies and post them somewhere. Here it is.

I posted a schedule of upcoming show dates on the RPS website. The movies that will show for those dates is not posted. There’s a prospective list but it’s top-secret until closer to showtime.

Remember – show begins at dark.
Location is OKC Rocks Climbing Gym – if you need directions check out this link.

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