RPS – 1: Notes

The premier of the Renegade Picture Show was held on Saturday, April 21 at OKC Rocks in downtown Oklahoma City. Everything went great – we had about 20 people show up, which was more than I expected for a first showing. There were no techno. glitches – everything worked as I’d hoped – which is quite a feat considering the amount of cords and electrical equipment that had the potential to screw up. The winds were a bit stronger than I’d hoped but it didn’t affect the show.

We had a few people sitting in cars and listening to the movie through their stereos while others, including myself, sat outside and watched the movie. It was cool to see that both ways worked for viewers.

The movie we showed was Raising Arizona – one of my all-time favorites. We drank beer, ate candy and watched the movie on the back of the silos. It was pretty cool.

I think this event really has the potential to get big – almost too big – in fact, I’m a little nervous about HOW big it could actually get. I don’t know if there would be enough space for more than about 30 cars. But I guess we’ll address that issue when we get there.

I’ve received a couple of emails from the founders of other drive-ins. Rico Thunder of the Guerrilla Drive-In in Santa Cruz was psyched about the Renegade Picture Show – he added that the GDI just had their 5-year anniversary showing! Also, John Young of the West Chester, PA Guerrilla Drive-In responded to an email and was excited about the RPS. Feels like an odd underground sub-culture – but a cool one.

I have some killer ideas for some things I’d like to do to improve the RPS – any updates on things like that will be posted on the RPS website from now on. If any of you are interested in coming to a show check out the website and sign up on THE LIST.

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