Rock for Christmas

I can’t let the holiday season pass without mentioning a couple of CD must-haves. These are not for everyone – only those who like rocking. The first one is The Darkness’s new album One Way Ticket to Hell. As good, if not better than their debut album Permission to Land.

The second album is from a band I mentioned before, The Moistboyz. They’re got a total of four albums now and it’s amazing, given their ferocious songs, that they’ve maintained for this long. Still, if I,II and III are good then you know IV is great – I just hope they don’t meltdown before V.

Finally, a band that might fit in with those enjoying a little more classic guitar rock, a band from Detroit, The Muggs. They’ve released their first album this year and my predicition is these guys are going to be big. Check them out on itunes.

Now here’s a little treat for holiday season…

Don’t Let the Bells End Video

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