Renegade Picture Show (#19), Super 8 Film Night – Saturday, October 16

So this Saturday we’re putting on our 19th Renegade Picture Show. This time it’s something very close to my heart – SUPER 8 FILM! There’s just something about Super 8 that intrigues me. As with all Renegades, this is a free show. (Of course donations are much appreciated.) Unlike all the previous shows, this one will take place indoors, inside Silo Art Space at Rocktown. This will provide a more intimate viewing area and allow me to try out a dual-projector system which I’ve been excited to experiment with.

Some of the films shown were winners of the Best-of-Fest awards at the 2010 Cambridge International Super 8 Film Festival in Cambridge, England. Other films are simply ones I’ve found online that I really enjoy and want to share.

There is currently a Facebook event page which you can visit if you wish to attend. And the Renegade Picture Show has its own website as well.

The show begins at 8:30 pm. Hope to see you there.

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