One of my websites FEATURED on KOTV The News on 6 Tulsa

I’m excited to say that a website I created and co-maintain was featured on March 14 on KOTV, The News on 6 in Tulsa, OK. The site is and is the brainchild of Jack Sampson, a current web design client of mine who owns C/2 Design, a custom material design company. Jack had an idea to create a website that would be a resource for people who have lost pets in Tulsa. He pitched it to him and asked if I could make it happen. The site was created as a forum to allow people to post descriptions and photos of animals they either lost or found.

Jack did an interview on Wednesday morning with Steve Berg who asked him about the origination of the idea and the purpose of the site. Minutes after the story aired saw a dramatic increase in the number of users. My email was flooded with new people signing up. is designed to be a free site to users. Please go check it out!

And if you have any interest in my website design skills visit

For a complete transcript of the story go here.

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