Nicole 2nds "Witness" – Arkansas

So Fred Nicole travels from Switz-land – TWICE – just to attempt and send “Witness The Fitness” (aka WTF), the unrated, uber-steep crimpfest roof boulder problem in the Ozarks west of Horseshoe. Hearing about this achievement makes me feel like Oklahoma climbers are missing the boat. Arkansas is mere hours away! We should be doing these problems! Forget WTF – if you’ve climbed in Arkansas much and seen pictures of the “Witness” cave or seen the problem in person you know that there are likely hundreds of caves in the Ozarks with the potential to hold a line comperable to WTF. It’s just a matter of getting out there and uncovering and trying some of these lines. I guarantee you the bouldering potential in the Cave Creek area alone has not been tapped in the least! It would just require some exploring and the mindset that you are focusing on finding stellar boulder problems.

But if you want to focus on repeating WTF I’ve got $100 bucks for the first Okie that sends it. Anyone want to match my offer?

Someone get out there and try the damn thing.

(more on this here)

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