New Site: Day 2: Status: Go.

Went slackin’ with Spence today at Andrews. Nice day 4 it. Working on some sweet new moves. One I call the troll.
I’m lying, I didn’t do any new tricks and I didn’t name it the troll. Actually, it’s not really a trick – just a new move for me. Nothing more than bringing my back foot back as far as I can get it and dropping my knee to the ground while keeping both feet on the line. See, anyone who’s anyone can do that in their sleep.

Has anyone else noticed that nearly every topic on devolves into trash-talking, nay-saying banter that has nothing to do with the topic at hand? I’ve all but given up posting anything on that board because inevitably someone will come on and start talking about something completely off topic.

I would bet that nearly every topic with 5 pages+ will have at least 2 sub-topics which have nothing to do with the original post – and at least 1 of those will involve some dumb-ass talking trash.

BUT – on the other hand – I have to give it up to Subtle on for making the “Ask The NOOB” thread a great read. You could just about print and publish all 40-something pages. Very funny.


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