Music for a Cause – AIDS Awareness in Africa

My friend Courtney is volunteering with the Peace Corps in The Gambia of West Africa. One of her projects is working with an NGO and their support group for people living with HIV/AIDS. They recently
recorded their first album entitled “Terriaya”, which means “friendship” in Mandinka, one of the local languages. The CDs are available for $10 (including shipping) and all proceeds go directly to the group for awareness programs, as well as additional income generating activities.

If you are interested in donating/purchasing a CD for this important and meaningful cause please contact Courtney’s mom, Lee Anne Gilman, via email at Send her your name and mailing address – she will reply with where to send your check. Make your checks out to Courtney Gilman so she can cash and withdraw the money in Africa.

I will post a clip of the music here soon.

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