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Bolex 155 – Super 8 Camera

Lately I’ve found some really great stuff on eBay that I have simply been unable to avoid purchasing, it’s kind of a problem. I’m talking about Super 8 film stuff. In particular, I picked up a Bolex 155 Super 8 film camera, it looks like something out of some sci-fi fantasy movie. No telling what kind of looks I’m going to get walking around pointing this at people. And I’m sure I’d get the new TSA pat-down procedure if I even got near one of their airport checkpoints. So I’ll stick to shooting around town for now and see how the camera works out.

But that’s not all…

I’ve been on the hunt for Super 8 films; features, shorts, home movies. I found Star Wars on Super 8 film and got that. Then I got Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho on Super 8 film! I can’t wait to see these. I also found a couple of 100 ft reels of Russian home movies – got each of these for 0.99 cents, of course the shipping was $12 bucks. I’m hoping that there’s actually something on them and that they’re not just washed out crap. We’ll see.

Another piece of equipment I recently purchased which is not Super 8 but is 8 mm video cassette, is a Video 8 VCR. Finally I have a way to transfer all my old 8mm video tapes to a hard drive. There’s a lot of old climbing footage on there – old, like early and mid-90s old – not that old. I was just watching some footage from my second trip to Mexico. Myself and 4 other friends were piled into an Isuzu Trooper and driving through the interior of Mexico…at night…and the car broke down. It’s pretty crazy – should be fun to post when I get it all captured.

In addition to the old 8mm videos, I have a couple of Super 8 films that I am working on as well – shorts. Nothing that long. One is a “walkabout” film I shot while in Cambridge, England earlier this year. I’m hoping to have it or another film ready before the next film festival deadline.

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