Halloween 2010

The Madhouse
The Madhouse haunted house. Gibson Residence. Halloween 2010.

Once again we have created a haunted house in our garage – this is the 5th year running, and each year we seem to step it up a little bit more. This year we are calling it The Madhouse. The idea is an abandoned psych ward where the patients have escaped and locked the staff – the doctors, the nurses, and the orderlies – inside. Now they are the ones that have gone crazy and have been experimenting on themselves.

Part of what makes a really good scene is the sound – and I’ve found the perfect soundtrack for this year. It’s the soundtrack from the film Session 9 – in my view, one of the best “asylum” pictures to date. And the soundtrack is fantastic. Just listening to it creeps me out.

I’ve been working in and on haunted houses since I was a kid and have always enjoyed it. And since we began building one at our house the neighborhood kids love it and look forward to it every year. For me it’s just another opportunity to do something fun and creative.

We’ll have some practice runs tonight and then the real deal is tomorrow. We’ll take pics and I’ll post them.

Happy Halloween.

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