Halloween 2010 – Photos

It was another great Halloween night. Started out the evening with some trick-or-treating then spent the evening in our haunted house; The Madhouse. We had a great crew of people – all friends from Rocktown! Billy, Morgan, Brent, and Natasha all showed up to play a part and they all did an awesome job.

Four of us were psycho-orderlies; myself, Brent, Billy, and Natasha. Lisa was a zombie-looking nurse, and Morgan played the part of the mad psychiatrist locked in an isolation chamber. Then my mom managed the front and the entrance door. We had between 100-200 kids and parents walk through the scenes and almost everyone appeared to be scared.

This year I think we must have set a record for crying kids. Not so much on purpose, but I think it was scarier than years past.

The idea of having a room with three closed doors and apparently no way out was both good and bad. It certainly had the effect on people of not knowing where to go. Most people head only in the direction they are looking without the thought of looking behind them. In fact, the door was right behind them. On first appearance the exit door would be open but then during the scene it would open. Many people had to be directed towards the exit. And some, who were too busy holding their face in their hands so they didn’t have to look up, would have to be coaxed or lightly “guided” towards the door.

The funniest and oddest moment during the night came when a girl wearing an aquarium costume – complete with swimming fish inside – walked into the main scene. Her costume was this huge box that she was inside of and the front appeared to be glass. So I reached out – as a crazy person – reaching for the fish inside the aquarium tank and instead broke through the “glass,” which was really just clear plastic film. I think I instinctively broke character and said, “I’m sorry.” She was screaming and squealing trying to leave the room but her box-shaped costume wouldn’t fit through the exit! She kept banging into the door way, like trying to fit an over-sized piece of furniture through a small door-frame. I grabbed the top of the box and turned her 90 degrees so she fit through the door sideways, and gave a push, promptly expelling her from the room.

As with every year, we’re left with a garage filled with black plastic and plywood. Once again I have to break it all down, figure out how to pack it all up and stash it all away. Until next year.

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