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  • The Dunce and the Matador

    The Dunce and the Matador

    Some of my best climbing experiences have been on the limestone walls of El Potrero Chico in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. I have been there six times and each time was a memorable experience. This is about one trip in particular that took place in January of 1999. I wrote about it in my journal at…

  • Routesetting – repost from my routesetting site!/2012/02/let-routesettingwait-for-itbegin.html Related Images:

  • "O-Face" – A Day of Hand Drill Bolting on Lead

    "O-Face" – A Day of Hand Drill Bolting on Lead

    Saturday morning and the cruise control was set at 80 mph heading down the turnpike towards the Wichitas. I just picked Jerel up from the McDonald’s rest stop half way between OKC and Chickasha. He was taking a much-needed break from his classes and work in order to belay me on, “O-Face” a route I’d…