An Evening With Wolfmother

Last night some firends and I went to see Wolfmother at the Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa. They put on an awesome show – very loud, very, very loud. And the place was packed. The only bad thing was that we arrived on Opolis time. Meaning that we got there about 9:15 thinking that the warm-up band would be wrapping things up and Wolfmother would go on stage around rock-thirty. Instead, the first band must have gone on right after the doors opened at 7:00 and Wolfmother must have started just before 9:00 because we missed a couple of songs, I think. So we were a little put-off by the hours that Cain’s keeps. At the Opolis the headliner doesn’t normally go on until around 11:00 pm – yeah, a little late by most standards but it’s what we in Norman have become accustomed to. I’ll be damned if the security staff at Cain’s wasn’t pushing people out the door at 10:15 pm – the show was OVER! I’ll just have to keep in mind the time issue next time I visit Cain’s.

As far as the show itself goes, I was happy that I got to see them perform Pyramid – to me, the best song on the album – and they did it right. The price of the ticket was worth it just to hear that song live.

And of course there was the normal after-concert-debauchery with the crowd: a guy laying completely passed-out (or was it knocked-out?) against a wall next to a trash can, a guy in the bathroom over a sink washing his swollen black-eye and another guy asking him, “do you want me to get a medic?” Just your normal post rock concert stuff, you know.

Then there was the drive home – which I won’t mention anything about, except that those of us who “had a few” did not drive, thankfully we had that covered. Suffice to say, the drive home was nearly as much fun as the concert itself.

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