Shot on Super 8 film, Kodak Tri-X 7266 B/W Reversal film.


Canon 814 XL-S camera.


Digital audio captured on Edirol R-09 using shotgun mic (don't recall model).


Developed and transferred at Yale Film and Video in Burbank, CA using Rank Cinetel process (frame by frame scanning). Transferred to hard drive and mini-DV tapes.


Edited at home using Final Cut Pro.


Additional audio work, voiceover and radio voice, performed at NewsOK studio.


Foley sounds performed in garage (at home) using digital audio recorder (Edirol R-09).


Sound sync performed on-the-fly using clapboard during production and then syncing in Final Cut.




Primary location - Rocktown Climbing Gym (old grain silos), Oklahoma City, OK


Sutton Wilderness in Norman, Oklahoma


Residential home ("Dr.Joe's") in Norman, OK