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  • More Guides and Stuff

    More Guides and Stuff

    After all this time I honestly can’t remember what I have and haven’t posted sometimes. It’s not until I go back through this website and previous versions of websites that I’ve saved over the years, that I discover if I have or haven’t posted something. In any case, I decided to beef up the Tulsa…

  • Photo Reflection – Ice Climbing and Ice Farming at the Silos in OKC

    Photo Reflection – Ice Climbing and Ice Farming at the Silos in OKC

    Photos of ice climbing through the years at the silos in Oklahoma City.

  • Wichita Mountains Climbing Area Guides

    Wichita Mountains Climbing Area Guides

    Seems a theme on here lately has been putting a bunch of older stuff back online. I have so much material from previous versions of this site that it’s high time that it go back online. As I continue to rediscover that old material it will find a place on here. Some of the guides need…

  • Silo Art Project on Kickstarter

    If you haven’t already heard through some other avenue, here it is for those of you that still check Fusion47: The SILO ART PROJECT is this massive public art endeavor taking place at Rocktown Climbing Gym in downtown OKC. Artist Rick Sinnett will be painting a giant mural of his work called THIS LAND on…

  • Charons Gardens Wilderness Area in WMWR Temporarily Closed – Excessive Heat and Dangerous Conditions

    EmergencyClosure_CharonsGardenWA_0711 Due to the extreme heat conditions in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, the Refuge has decided to temporarily close the Charons Gardens Wilderness Area until further notice. Recently, there has been a number of heat-related incidents due to hikers and other day users that have resulted in Refuge personnel having to perform rescues. Rescues…